Super Ball

From crafting a colossal replica football for the Super Bowl 58 announcement to a media tour down the iconic Las Vegas Strip, our Super Ball project delivered 64 million impressions, 3.5 million engagements, and international recognition. Witness our journey from concept to creation in our behind-the-scenes video!


Las Vegas Convention And Visitors Authority


November 26, 2022


Production, Activation, Editing


The Super Ball project presented Frequency Pictures with an exhilarating challenge that showcased our creative and logistical expertise. Tasked with the mission of developing a colossal, larger-than-life replica football measuring an impressive 13 feet in length and 8 feet in diameter, weighing a staggering 1200 pounds, our journey commenced just weeks before the grand event—Super Bowl 57 in Phoenix. The stakes were high as this monumental football was set to be unveiled at the hands of esteemed dignitaries: the NFL Commissioner, the Nevada Governor, and the CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. This awe-inspiring spectacle marked the official countdown for Las Vegas to host the subsequent Super Bowl, SB 58.

To bring this vision to life, we rallied our trusted partners, working relentlessly on the design and construction process. The culmination of our efforts saw the Super Ball embark on a remarkable journey from Phoenix to Vegas, stopping at local Vegas landmarks along the way like the Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon. It then embarked on a media tour down the iconic Las Vegas Strip. A full film crew, equipped with a camera car and drones, meticulously documented every moment of this extraordinary event, capturing the Super Ball's triumphant procession, igniting anticipation and excitement for the future Super Bowl in Las Vegas. This project exemplified our dedication to creativity, innovation, and flawless execution, leaving an indelible mark on the world of experiential marketing.


The Super Ball project stands as a testament to our ability to deliver exceptional results in the world of experiential marketing. With a staggering 64 million impressions and an impressive 3.5 million engagements, our larger-than-life replica football made an indelible impact. The project garnered extensive media coverage, with local outlets like KTVN News2 and national recognition from renowned platforms like NBC Sports, Cision, and Adweek. The reach of the Super Ball extended beyond borders, captivating international audiences and making waves in Esto Mexico. This case study exemplifies our capacity to not only meet but exceed expectations, driving brand visibility and engagement to unprecedented heights on a global scale.

“We turned an ambitious idea into reality, executing it in the most realistic and awe-inspiring manner possible.”


The video production for the Super Ball project comprised two distinct versions. The promotional sizzle video highlighted the grand reveal in Phoenix, the journey to Las Vegas, and the ball's iconic presence on the Las Vegas Strip, featuring police escorts, FPV drones, and camera car footage. We even secured permits to fly drones at the Hoover Dam for breathtaking shots of the ball's crossing from Arizona to Nevada.

In contrast, the behind-the-scenes video offered an exclusive look at the project's creation, including the meticulous construction and the installation of stadium lights for a completed look. These videos encapsulated our team's commitment to documenting every aspect of this remarkable journey.

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5x Emmy Awards for Heart of Vegas & Super Ball


Beloit International Film Festival Peoples Choice Award


11x Telly Awards in Branded Content, Regional TV & Social Video


Pacific Southwest Emmy Award Director - Short Form Content


Pacific Southwest Emmy Award Documentary Feature


Pacific Southwest Emmy Award Branded Content


4x Telly Awards in Social & Bank Campaigns


Pacific Southwest Emmy Award Branded Content


Vegas Chamber Member of the Year Award