Waving the checkered flag: Frequency Pictures and F1 bring racing home.  

Frequency Pictures brings Formula 1 racing to life in Las Vegas.

Frequency Pictures and Formula 1: how local media spotlights the race.

Waving the checkered flag: Frequency Pictures and F1 bring home.  

While the city of Las Vegas, and Formula 1 racing have committed to the long haul for a ten year contract to hold the Las Vegas Grand Prix through the city of lights, Frequency Pictures has wasted no time making their own commitment to media creation and installations across the city to mark the new union.

The first event to step forward from Frequency is the Shoey Bar, hosted by MGM resorts. Popularized by Australian F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, Frequency pictures made it possible for F1 fans to carry on the tradition of drinking champagne out of a racing shoe on the winners podium, right in Las Vegas. This more sanitary option invited guests to take a shot out of a plastic lined, leather shoe to mimic what it feels like in the winners circle. 

Other Frequency lead installations included replicas of the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” signs revamped with F1 branding for a once in a lifetime photo-op for racing fans, and a take over of the Las Vegas Sphere in partnership with Heineken Beer. 

As the relationship between Vegas and F1 racing continues to flourish, Frequency Pictures will be there to make the occasion even more memorable for fans and racers alike.

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