Frequency Pictures offers a comprehensive suite of production capabilities, leveraging our extensive network to meet a wide range of project demands with versatile capabilities and industry expertise.

Production Services

Our production services are the cornerstone of our operation, where creativity meets execution. We're not just about rolling cameras; we're about telling stories that resonate and connect.

A group of people standing around a video shoot, in front of the fountains on the Las Vegas strip.
A group of people standing around a camera.
A group of people standing around a room during a video shoot.
Workers installing a dolly track on a golf course with a large, spherical building (the Vegas Sphere) in the background, under a bright blue sky.

OnLocation Production Strategic Alliance

This powerhouse collaboration combines OnLocation's cutting-edge mobile command center, equipped with everything from departmental equipment to production amenities, with Frequency Pictures' award-winning production expertise. Together, we're setting a new standard in film and commercial production, offering an all-encompassing, cost-effective solution that's second to none.

A black and white photo of a semi truck with "Onlocation Productions" written on the side.
A couple of wooden drawers sitting on top of a cart.
A bunch of chairs sitting under a blue tent.
A black and white office with a desk and chairs inside a production trailer.

Drone Video

From commercial spots and feature films to TV productions and live broadcasts, our drones capture breathtaking aerial footage, including FPV (First Person View) shots that offer a unique perspective. Our pilots fly regularly for some of the highest profile shows and events including the Super Bowl, F1, NCAA, Nascar, EDC, drone video of the Las Vegas Strip and much more.

A man kneeling down next to a camera on top of a field.
A camera attached to a quad drone.
A camera drone flying over a frozen lake at sunset.
A group of men standing around looking at a video screen.

Post Production Services

The magic doesn't stop once the cameras are off. With cutting-edge technology and a creative touch, we refine your footage into a polished final product. Editing, color grading, special effects, and sound design are just the beginning. We ensure every frame tells your story perfectly.

This image shows a close-up of a video editing software interface. The screen displays a warning message with the text "PICTURE LOCK_03022019 DO NOT DISTRIBUTE" alongside a company logo for "FREQUENCY PICTURES." Below the warning are statements in bold: "NO COLOR NO SOUND MIX PICTURE LOCK TEMP MAP GRAPHICS LOW RES EXPORT." The timeline at the bottom of the interface is populated with numerous video and audio clips indicated by multicolored lines and blocks, showing a complex editing process. The playback head is positioned at timecode "15:03:21:16".
An interior view of a broadcasting truck showing multiple screens monitoring live camera feeds, with various equipment and a mixing console illuminated by colorful lights.
Two people, one in focus, working with video production software. The out-of-focus individual is using a smartphone, and the screens display video footage and editing tools.
A person is working in a darkened room in front of two large monitors displaying video editing software with numerous clips and audio tracks on timelines.